Capture One 12 vers Lightroom 6 & Classic

  Capture One 12 vers. Lightroom 6 & Classic: The big non-destructive RAW editor competition: Capture One 12 vers LR Classic. The debate is hot and ongoing – especially since Adobe went subscription only with LR.  Being a LR guy I tested Capure One now for a while and found it to be much faster […]

Tilt and shift photography – visual creativity unleashed

Tilt and Shift Photography – Visual Creativity Unleashed Since winter is the time for some contemplation – and since I thought a lot about these PC/TS lenses: here a short report about my work and ideas with this lens concept. If you are constantly searching for new ways to visualize – than the Tilt/Shift lenses […]

Jack of all trades – the D850 experience

The Jack of all Trades  –  the Nikon D850 In short: very speedy package with perfect autofocus system, buffer and sensor res are great. Weakness so far: random system freezes and AF in video. Random freezes seems to be fixed with firmware 1.03. Update 21.10.2018:  the random freeze effect seems to be cured by firmware […]

Multi Copter Photography and Photogrammetry

Multicopter Photography and Photogrammetry Late this year I bought a Phantom 3A (Advanced). The prices went down and these platforms are so affordable now that it makes sense to test it out. The main applications for my work are multifolded: Special shootings for paying clients, regatta event shots from above, very early morning misty landscape […]

Nikon AFS 400mm f2.8G VR Testing

Update: some nice bokeh shots with this lens (had half an hour yesterday with wonderful sun light to do some tests – its easy to send every for/background into a creamy bokeh fog with a 400mm f2.8 system. However the lens isnt a dedicated macro device – hence it will be important to see how […]

The AquaTech Elite Sport Housing

The AquaTech Elite sport housing – submerged and split level imaging concepts Initial text upload: 15.11.2015 – by Sören Hese 1st update: 20.11.2015 Some comments about the AquaTech Elite sport housing that I acquired early in 2015. This was on my list since some years but I never had the budget to do this. The situation […]

Changing Perspective

AquaTech Elite Gehäuse eingetrudelt. Nach 4 Wochen Wartezeit ists jetzt doch mal geliefert worden, aber das Teil wird wohl in Batches produziert und da sind solche Lieferzeiten wohl normal. Mit dem AquaTech Elite Gehäuse kam auch ein Setup mit Plexiglas Dome, um das 14-24 Nikkor einzusetzen. Erstmal hab ich nur das 10.5 mm getestet und […]

The Nikkor AFS 24-70 mm f2.8G – fast all-rounder

Standard zoom range at its best …  – best bokeh: the Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8G . The Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f2.8G ED . The 24-70 wasnt on my priority purchase list for quite some time. Its focal range was just not too important for my type of regular shootings. But since I started doing circus and […]

Nikon V1 Slomos – Sessan-Cup 2014

The old Nikon 1 V1 of the one-inch sensor series that Nikon called just the „1“ was likely one of the strangest newcomers for the Nikon camera system for a while when it surfaced in 2011. The camera had/s the leading AF performance for the small sensor compact type of cameras. It also shoots raw […]

The Sharpness & Darkness Queen – the Nikkor AFS 14-24 mm f2.8G

Nikon AFS 14-24 mm f2.8G: This lens is the end of the (endless) search for the perfect wide angle lens. Its as simple as that. Get this one and stop (and forget) all the testing : ).  Since photography went digital a sharp wide angle has been like the mythical unicorn – it just wasnt there […]