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Sören Hese works as a self employed freelancer in the domain of yacht
and regatta sailing photography with focus on classic regatta events.
Central motivation for his photography is a fascination for aesthetics
and a search for the perfect bokeh and composition.
Sören Hese holds a MSc and PhD degree in satellite image
processing and he is teaching in this domain as an Associate Professor.

The online image archive provides the largest image repository
of the classic yacht regatta events "Havel Klassik“ and
"German Classics“. Sören Hese is
based in Berlin/Germany.

All photographs, text and
layout: copyright 2004-2017 Sören Hese.
Full or partial use for commerical
or private purpose must be
licensed. This explicitly includes
all forms of use within social
networks and on private or
commerical websites.

Digital Workflow:
Full uncompressed RAW (NEF) image processing
workflow using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CS
on XRITE calibrated screens, 12-36 megapixel 14bit
imaging using large color spaces, state of the art full
frame (FX) sensor technology, most recent lens technology
and postprocessing including lens correction, defringing
and conservative artefact free sharpening.


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