Tuscony …

Have been traveling here over Eastern also to find some nice spots for October  – when the early morning fog creates these magical scenes.  Its a region that was cultivated long ago and it breathes the culture of the old romans and the etruscans. Difficult not to be impressed here. The landscape is full of nice and explicit elements that you can freely move – thanks to all these empty spaces: perspectives change constantly – its not without reason that there are so many photo-workshops in this region of Italy. If you add the great wine culture here (Chianti Classico and Brunello de Montalchino) and various possibilities to enjoy the eve with great meals – its just the perfect place to relax and look for new inspiration. In March/April this year it was mainly too cold to get these strong misty early morning shots, but enough to look for some of the classical perspectives and for some more that are not everywhere written down. The area must be one of the most photographed regions in the world and its hard to do anything that differentiates from what is in all these books and guides. It is however a great training for picture composition because you can move comparably free in this landscape. To circumnavigate a hill with an old country house to look for the perfect perspective is easy. In southern Tuscany there is not too much forest and this clearly simplifies everything.


SMH-Tosca18-20180331-6093285-0700 SMH-Tosca18-20180331-6093285-0702 SMH-Tosca18-20180331-6093285-0713 SMH-Tosca18-20180331-6093285-0754 SMH-Tosca18-20180331-d4c5abaf23a147c434e47d2a0105ac83- SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-0875 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-0882 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-0976 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-0978 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-1028 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-1041 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-1055 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-1056 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6093285-1069 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6114683-0765 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6114683-0816 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6114683-0860 SMH-Tosca18-20180401-6114683-0980 SMH-Tosca18-20180403-6093285-1189 SMH-Tosca18-20180403-6114683-1133 SMH-Tosca18-20180403-6114683-1154

Urban Night Lights

Testing some new techniques right now to generate better … or stronger bokeh effects.  Have been looking for some elevated positions in Berlin to do this. These shots have been mainly done with some old Nikkor lenses but I also have the Sigma Art 1.4 series of lenses on my list to do more tests. So far happy with the Nikkor 50mm f1.2 and the 28mm f2 and 85mm f1.4 but clearly need to test the 20mm f1.4 and the 35mm f1.4 Sigma Art here. Especially strong wide angle lenses with a f1.4 stop are needed for this kind of shootings.

















Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!


I can only hope that 2018 will be as successful as 2017 has been for what I do. ’17 was just a fantastic year with lots of events that basically triggered new events and created kind of a chain-reaction for new contacts and event shooting requests. This was a year full of great sailing events and densely lived photo shootings on water with copter flights and all the other tricks and using all this equipment that now is in my bag regularly. Winning the “Mirabaud” finally in November ’17 was a great peak level for 2017 and really has blown me off my socks when I had this telephone call. My first calendar project in November was really short-handed organized but I thought about it for a while now but never had the time to start it. This wasnt much different this year but it was time to get this “first” done now :-).

2018 planning is in full swing but there are some wild-cards at play in ’18 – the usual highlights are on the list and some more.

The 2017 retrospect of the German Classics goes here:



Year-End Coastal Meditation

2017 was also pretty much a year of testing techniques and discovering new perspectives. I spend a lot of time to find out how create new perspectives with copters under various circumstances on water. The most recent copters are a perfectly stabilized platform and this has some potentials for new visuals. The successful Mirabaud 2017 shot is likely one of the beste examples.  The platforms are however also perfectly useable as a stabilized platform for filming slow motions on water. I was testing some footage in summer 2016 for Slomo shootings but could not really find how to get stabilized sequences. A copter has not the capabilities to do tele kind of action shots but wide angle slomos come out nicely with the 120fps on 1080p footage recording. Its clearly compressed footage at 100Mbit bitrate and the sensors is also not a high iso wizard but somehow its easy to generate footage that reveals new structures and it should be possible to also get precise Slomos from fast paced sailing maneuvers.

Here a cut from summer 2017 where we spend some weeks in Scandinavia at the coast of West-Sweden and Skagen.

Likely best viewed when all the stress is over these days and with a single malt at hand at late night contemplations :)

Cover page voiles&voiliers

The French sailing journal Voiles&Voiliers took my Mirabaud Racing Image 2017 as the cover shot for January 2018. Thxs very much! – thats terrific and also looks very cool. As the shot format was “landscape”  they needed to do an upright crop. The final version they did works nicely and fits well with the headlines (www.voilesetvoiliers.com).


Mirabaud 2017 goes to …. ?

This was an incredible experience and wonderful to finish up this sailing season. My int505 time-motion-stack image was selected as the winner image for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Contest  2017!  Thxs to the jury and to Mirabaud/Hublot/MaxComm to make this possible!

I got this magic telephone call already some weeks earlier by the end of October and had to keep it as a secret for a while – not so easy when friends ask you constantly “any news from “Mirabaud”?” ;) .

Have to admit that I had to google the telephone numbers of the MaxComm team (Emily/Sophia and Bernard) to check if that is real or a fake call/email.

The price giving took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Aarhus at the 28th of November as part of the Yacht Racing Forum. We took some days off the weekend before and spend some sunny and cosy days at the seaside in one of these unexplainable ;) expensive (in summer) beach houses close to the beautiful national park area Mols Bjerge NE of Aarhus at Boeslum.  That was pretty relaxing and I was also able to edit some press statements for MaxComm at the weekend and do some running. The rest of the time we did some hiking.

And on a personal note: these photo-shootings mainly at long weekends are only possible when you have a supporting network. So a big THANK-YOU to my family for keeping me free of ties all the time to do what I love to do and shooting assignments and trying to create the images that come up regularly in my pre-visualisation.

In front of the Radisson Blu in Aarhus, than afterwards trying to fit the Hublot watch case into the car … ;-)




Some AT-housing shots came also out nicely – but the water is too cold to do these kind of shots now – nice light for two days before it got very rainy again.




The price-giving took only 15 minutes and was very compressed with a short question and answer session (also online on FB). Tomas Moya won the Forum Award with a very touching shot of two sailors working hand-in-hand to upright a dinghy and Zita Kovacs won the Public Award – the Facebook award.


Overall the smaller boats dominated this year the highly ranked shots slightly and this is especially surprising as we had some big international events in 2017 (f.e. AC and J-Class World Championships).

Thanks to Mirabaud, Hublot and the team of MaxComm to make this possible!

The full press release of MaxComm and some shots from the price giving and Yacht Racing Forum below.













Klassiker Kalender 2018!

Erstmalig gibt es aus meiner Feder einen Klassiker Segel-Kalender, limitierte Auflage in hoher Qualität mit den absoluten Bilder-Highlights der Segelsaison 2017, 14 Seiten auf 200/300g Papier in B3 Format, im Offset-Druck mit dezent & edel gestaltetem dunklem Kalendarium (mit Bildinformationen und „MakingOf”) in mattem Finish für 34,95 + Versandkosten. Ein perfektes, wertiges Geschenk. Bei Bestellung von 3 Kalendern auch versandkostenfrei.

Versand ab Dezember. Abholung für Berliner ebenfalls möglich. Vorbestellungen per Email ab sofort.
Mehr Informationen und vollständige Seitenvorschau JETZT  auf http://www.segelkalender.com

Einige Beispiele des aufwändig gelayoutet Kalendariums (inga tomann kommunikationsdesign Berlin):


Beispiel Kalenderblatt mit neutral eingefasstem Bildfeld und die Bildwirkung unterstützende zurückhaltend abgetönten Kalendariumselementen. Auflösung des Bildfeldes ist hier als Demo-Abbildung stark reduziert.


Linksbündig alle Feiertage der Bundesländer, Mondphasenkalender und Kalenderwochennummerierung.


Bildunterschriften mit Details zur Bildaufnahmetechnik und/oder der abgebildeten Yachten mit Werft und Baujahr.


Letzte Seite (Seite 14): Legende zum Kalendarium auf einer Bonus-Seite unter einem “MakingOf”-Text mit vielen Hintergrundinfos zu den Fotos und Aufnahmetechniken. Außerdem gibt es hier einige zusätzliche Beispielfotos.

Bestellung per Email an info@soerenhese.de oder online unter http://www.segelkalender.com