Preparing for the German Classics

Right back from our Scandinavia tour! Shot a lot of these fantastic landscapes at the west coast of Sweden and than also some in the North of Denmark. The mixed weather was kind of cool for doing all sorts of things photographically – from under-water towards copter night time and sunset shots and also using slomos at the coast. I am also feeling much more confident now that the Phantom copter systems are dealing well with strong winds ;).

A shot from Hirtshals Fyr: – flying at night is likely the most exciting you can do with a copter.



Did also some footage with grading in Adobe AE towards nice slomos. I am still working on these but there will be a slomo teaser soon for this project. Its just a very cool feature that can be used nicely to visualize waves and coastal textures and I want to use the 12o fps in the future also for the sailing sport photography. This is clearly a domain where we can do much more – and better ;).


Right now: preparing for the German Classics 2017 – this is as usual one of these very big events. The forecast is kind of hinting windy conditions but this is pretty much expected this summer.

mtk – Sören

*** 2014 ***

2014 was a good one …  thanks to all who supported this site. In fact 2014 was the most successful year so far for  The concept seems to mature and this opens up new perspectives. Hopefully 2015 will follow that trend with new creativity. Plans so far are promising.

Best wishes to all of  You for 2015!  

Some iterations around multiple exposures from last night in the snow.





*** Summer Downtime ***

Dear all! (and its online gallery) is down between 23.7. and 13.8. You can view and order images in the gallery but the download link will not be send to you before mid of August (maybe earlier if I  find net access somewhere).

We take a summer break to unwind and let go at the nordic coast – those places … full of power and tranquility.

Have a great summer!


(parting shots: star trails, lighthouse Nörre Lyngvig)


Nr. Lyngvik