Kaiserpokal Galerie 2016 Online

Bilder zum Kaiserpokal 2016 sind jetzt online  – hat dann doch etwas länger gedauert. Ist ja immer wieder eine Herausforderung aus den Regenbildern etwas mit ausreichend Kontrast zu machen. Eine kleinere Galerie zum Seglerhauspreis gibt es dann auch noch (Regenbilder!  :) ). Die Bilder von der Drachen BM sind dann geradezu beglückend mit so derartig viel Sonne.

Diese Woche steht eines der letzten großen Highlights auf dem Plan: J70 German Open beim BYC. Mehr dazu mit ersten Bilderupdates Mittwochabend.

Kaiserpokal Galerie goes here:






Nice test for the Aquatech rain covers (for the 400mm f2.8 and for the 70-200). It was raining like hell …  so much rain that I wasnt so sure about my water protection system anymore. The back windows of the Aquatech hood at the camera body side started to get a wee bit foggy but that was it – the rest stayed perfectly dry. Clearly this is a “thumb up” for Aquatech. The stuff is build nicely. I am talking about these rain shields:  https://aquatech.net/product/aws-large-telephoto/ but I am also using the “Think Tank” version for the 70-200 and it also works very well. More or less these covers work like a GoreTex Raincoat and seams are nicely sealed. The covers even work when serious wave spray hits you but make sure you have a big towel at hand for the front glass (and no – it wont harm the front glass to dry everything with a towel – as long as you havnt used it as a beach towel :) ).

You can find a collection of preview shots on FB, full gallery by the end of the week on www.sailpower.de.






The full Sterling Cup Gallery is online now – split into one gallery for the 12mR and one for the 22sqm. Thursday was clearly the best day for a larger photo shooting.  So basically I nailed it – but the forecast wasnt changing much and in the end we even had more wind on Thursday than modeled. The 12mR created some very nice crossings but unfortunately the best overlaps were not really usable. There was just too much traffic with various other Ribs and photogs.  The light became pretty much amazing in the late afternoon when the boats came back from section “Bravo”. There was maybe a time slot of 20 minutes to get some really nice wide shots done.

The full galleries are now available here:



There will be another gallery with a special edition of some shots in B&W later.

Enjoy! Sören


A more extended gallery preview of the shots from the Sterling Cup 2016 – wonderful light and perfect wind conditions.

Full gallery by Thursday night online on www.sailpower.de.

SMH-SC16-20160901-2016338-7257 SMH-SC16-20160901-2016338-7355 SMH-SC16-20160901-2016338-7778 SMH-SC16-20160901-2016338-8003 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8471 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8533 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8604 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8684 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8710 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8734 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8753 SMH-SC16-20160901-6093285-8810 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1476 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1518 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1535 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1600 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1803 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1933 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1941 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-1996 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2055 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2170 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2326 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2415 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2434 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2545 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2550 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2708 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2724 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-2987 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3012 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3185 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3400 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3412 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3469 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3500 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3519 SMH-SC16-20160901-6114683-3546

Klasse Wetter-Spot am 1.9. zum “Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup” auf der Flensburger Förde. Hier schonmal ein paar Eindrücke, bei 4-5 zT locker 5Bf waren das super Bedingungen für klassische Segelbilder.

Ein größerer Preview demnächst hier.


The full German Classics 2016 image archive is online now. Split into  Friday and Saturday:



There are some MINGARY shots online in this gallery but the 2016 restauration price will get another dedicated gallery next week. It was really fun to look for some new perspectives on MINGARYs decks and to frame some nice interiors. After all its not too difficult as these boats have so many beautiful and precisely crafted wooden details – and surfaces and textures do the rest. Unfortunately Saturday had not too much sun and wind – light turned out to be somewhat grey around noon so the post processing wasnt a home run.












Kurzer erster Preview auf FB und hier vom Fotoshooting bei den German Classics 2016. Wiedermal gut aufgeteilte Bedingungen – bei den Kurzwettfahrten noch herrlich sommerliches Wetter bei schwachem Wind und bei der Langstrecke gab es dann mittlere Winde und hier und da auch Sonne. Wiedereinmal ein klasse Rahmenprogramm eingebettet im alten Hafen in Laboe – Lifemusik, Sundowner und Sonnabendnacht die Bildershow aus meiner Feder, dann pünktlich auch noch mit Gewitterregen. Mehr war echt nicht drin :). Die German Classics des FKY sind wiedermal dem Ruf des absoluten Saisonhighlights gerecht geworden!

Der Restaurierungspreis ging an Mingary (Alfred Mylne – 1929) https://mingaryrestoring.wordpress.com/about/














mtk on www.sailpower.de

German Classics 16

“German Classics 2016” Laboe! – and Saturday night:  BestOf  Audio/Picture Beamershow.


See You there! Sören


*** Summer Break ***

Summer break. Off to the windy Atlantic for some weeks – soul free running – watching the horizon for hours – mind relaxing, slowly traveling the coast and doing some wave tube shootings : – ) – online image ordering can be slow – I do not have regular network access, but will be in full swing again 17th of August. Finally getting back to a slower life – have an inspiring and soul recharging summer!


Parting shot from Crozon/France:SMH-crozon-20140812-2016338-0547


Stille am See

Herrliches Wochenende im Juno am See im Havelquellgebiet – nur ein Sprung von Berlin aus – so nah und noch vergleichsweise naturbelassene Landschaft.

Auf der Fotopirsch am Abend, kurz vorher hatte es ausgiebig geregnet, die Luft kristallklar.

SMH-SEE-20160702-6093285-2142 SMH-SEE-20160702-6114683-1581 SMH-SEE-20160702-6114683-1617 SMH-SEE-20160702-6114683-1678 SMH-SEE-20160702-6114683-1706 SMH-SEE-20160703-6093285-2243 SMH-SEE-20160703-6093285-2276 SMH-SEE-20160703-6093285-2282

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