Wannsee Pokal Galerie 2016

Die Galerie zum Wannsee Pokal 2016 ist jetzt hier online:


Wannsee Pokal 16 in Hagelschauern –

Klasse Saisonstart mit dem Wannsee Pokal (FD, 420er, Finn, 29er) des VSaW/PYC mit über 80 startenden Boote. Außerdem erster ernst zu nehmender Test für die 400mm Optik. Ein großer Teil der recht kernigen Hagelschauerzellen schrammte an der Südgrenze von Berlin entlang, aber eine schob sich perfekt über die Havel und brachte tolle Szenen im Regattafeld. Zeitweise war die Sicht derartig reduziert, dass der Autofocus einen massiven Frontfocus entwickelte. 30 Minuten später klarte es wieder zu dieser sauberen Frühjahrsatmosphäre auf, die so herrlich starken Farb-Kontrast mit brillianten Highlights bringt.

Das 400er ist im Handling eindeutig ein anderes Kaliber als das 300f2.8, allerdings auch vom Gewicht her eine Herausforderung, vor allem zum Ende des Wettfahrttages hin wird man doch etwas schwach um die Schulter herum : – ). Autofokus snaps „in place“, allerdings muss man aufpassen nicht aus versehen die AF-On Tasten unter dem Lens-Raincoat zu drücken, die Linse also möglichst weit vorne – knapp vor der bzw. auf der Gegenlichtblende stützen. Bei f2.8 ist die Tiefenschärfe auf einen Abstand von 30-50m hin minimal.  Man muss sich noch genauer überlegen, wo man den AF-Sensor initial hinlegt, wenn die Renner angeschossen kommen. Die Focus Nachführung (Nikon AF-C/3D) ist völlig smooth und ruckelfrei – unscharfe Shots sind so zumindest von der Nachführung her unmöglich.

Erster Preview auf die WP16 Galerie kommt hier:

Volle Galerie dann in den nächsten Tagen auf www.sailpower.de.















Nikkor 400mm f2.8 bits

Some more shots from the 400mm lens. Bokeh is clearly where the lens extra shines :) – as expected and wanted but it also delivers sharpness and acuity. I am not so sure right now about the converters – the TCs seem to need more AF-calibration attention. Here some shots from the last weeks trying to get used to all these whistles and options to control the beast :).












Wave-Tube Power

The wave gallery from 2015 is online now. A selection of the best 300 shots mainly captured at the baltic sea and at the north sea coast of Skagen/Denmark in July/August 2015. Some shots were done with the Aquatech ELITE sports housing setup. This is a very small subset of lots of images. In summer 2015 I spend a lot of time in the waves testing perspectives, lenses and various exposure speeds with the D800. The online selection comes from the 10.5mm fisheye, the 14-24 wide and from the 300mm f2.8 – I never really managed to keep up with the constant stream of RAW files that summer. So over NewYear I made a first selection and finished last weekend with this extended gallery. This was a huge project in 2015 and I hope to extend this  with some new ideas in summer 16 on Crozon at the Atlantic coast.

Gallery goes here


Some “Micro-Waves” shots from Skagen are here:



Wave-Tube Photography

Preparing the Wave-Tubing gallery from 2015 – there is so much nice stuff in my archive ;) – I am right now seeing some of these pictures for the first time … – mainly because I was shooting waves like crazy last summer and especially  in August – I basically never managed to catch up with post processing of these thousands of RAW files. So the wave art pictures that will be in the gallery within the next 2-3 weeks haven’t been published somewhere in 2015.

Here are some shots from the macro approach with the Aquatech Elite Setup –  experimenting with very small waves (mostly baltic sea). I will post more when I have more time and finished the post processing.











Update: some nice bokeh shots with this lens (had half an hour yesterday with wonderful sun light to do some tests – its easy to send every for/background into a creamy bokeh fog with a 400mm f2.8 system. However the lens isnt a dedicated macro device – hence it will be important to see how the lens performs in the mid to far range shots and with full reflecting highlights. Especially the resolving power with very distant objects is usually a problem – even with these top-of-the-line tele lenses. My first impressions indicate that the 400mm f2.8 works fabulous with the TC14E II and also very good with the TC20E III but the AFS 300mm f2.8 mk1 wasn’t bad with the TC14E II either. The weak part was the resolving power focusing more distant things with more than 300m distance.






First tests with the new 400mm lens – the f2.8 AFS VR version – pretty much a dream tele lens and optical performance is just as what you would expect. First lens align tests seem to be spot on. The lens snaps to focus – clearly faster than my old 300mm f2.8 AFS Mk1. Some bokeh tests will follow.


The lensAlign target with the long ruler installed – approx. 20m distance – this equals 50times focal length. At f2.8 this gives a depth of field of 40cm and the lens is pretty spot-on on the 0-Mark of the ruler. No chromatic aberration  at all … . Damn cool lens – only point to think of right now is the how-to-story of “hand-holding” this lens, its just bigger than anything I used before.



Some bokeh shots:




Recently found this nice webpage where You can calculate the background blur of your Telelens-Camerasensor combination:


Very handy to get some ideas on how the isolation power of the various lenses behave in comparison. If You look carefully  the 400mm f2.8 and the 600mm f4 seem to create the most blur but its distance and background-distance depended. It also doesn’t tell you anything about the blur QUALITY and/or depth of field in that context.  If you however always choose the same size of your object/subject in your frame (modify the distance to the object with different lenses) and you keep the same aperture – the resulting DOF should be basically the same.

Anyways – the 400mm f2.8 looks really as if it is the blur king in these medium distances!


Zum Wintertreffen des Freundeskreis Klassischer Yachten (FKY) e.V. gibt es wieder eine Auskoppelung der besten 90 Fotos aus der Saison 2015 von mir. Das Ganze mit einem schönen Soundtrack synchronisiert gibt einen gute Überblick über einige Highlights der letzen Saison und ist natürlich auch ein visuelles Abenteuer. Wer Lust hat auch auf die anderen schönen Beiträge zu diesem Event:



Wintertreffen des FKY

6.2.2016 – 19 Uhr

Völkerkundemuseum Hamburg

Rothenbaumchaussee 64,

20148 Hamburg


Happy New Year 2016!

May it be more peaceful – some fireworks from last night – was experimenting somewhat with exposure times creating curved lines.













Traditionally at the end of the year an illustrated retrospect from the German Classic 2015 – enjoy!
All the best for 2016 to all of you out there!

The video is a compressed version of the original beamer show from saturday night in Laboe reduced to 720p res and with a different (for online use licensed) audio track. Make sure you activate 720p for the best viewing quality.

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